SommarHack 2009

  1. Car
    Google travel guides

  2. Train
    There are trains stopping just a few minutes from the party place. Order your ticket to Hedemora and inform us at which time you are arriving. We'll pick you up in our traktor.
    Going from Stockholm, Arlanda, Uppsala, Sala, Avesta, Mora, Rättvik, Leksand, Borlänge or Säter is a straight line and there is no need to change trains on the way.
  3. Flight
    There are a few options:
    • Dala Airport
      This airport is located only 30 minutes from the party, and if you go here we'll pick you up. Just inform us prior to your arrival and we'll have our traktor in place for you.
    • Bromma Airport
      Located in Stockholm. You need to catch the bus to the central station and go by train to Hedemora, see details about going by train above.
    • Arlanda Airport
      Located outside Stockholm. There are direct trains from Arlanda to Hedemora, see details about going by train above.

  4. Ferry from Finland
    The usual suspects Siljaline and Vikingline have ferries from Helsinki and Turku going to Stockholm. Once in Stockholm, get to the central station and catch a train to Hedemora. See above for details.
  5. Own boat
    The party house is located only meters from Dalälven which goes all the way out to the Baltic Sea. You are able to anchor your boat just outside the party house.

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