Food and drinks available at the party place

BreakfastBread, cheese, ham, youghurt, juice, milk, tea, coffee25 SEK
Hotdog with bunFor the barbeque, incl. ketchup & mustard10 SEK
90g hamburger with bunFor the barbeque, incl. dressing, ketchup & mustard10 SEK

Freeway soda2 liters orange, lemon, cola or cola light15 SEK
Oppigårds beer50cl exclusive locally produced beer25 SEK
Åbro Lejon beer33cl10 SEK

Other food / snacks / drinks

We'll do trips into "town" to shop, then you can buy meat or other things you need for the barbeque. We will fire up the grill on friday and saturday evenings. If you need a lift to go shopping, we'll drive you - no problem.
There will also be takeaway food for order at lunch hour on saturday. Menues for the takeaway food will be present at the party but expect the usual, Pizza and Kebab style.

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