SommarHack 2009

Dates: 26 - 28 june
It has been a lifetime since the IMParties took place, and even longer since Falun Coding Konvention. And to make things worse, the swedish Atari demoscene is sleeping, deeply.
It's time for a kick in the arse and we hereby welcome you to a weekend of coding!
It's 2009 and the Atari STe computer is getting twenty! There is a megademo planned for a november release. Perhaps Sommarhack will be a good place to start coding your contribution?
The party is located in Grådö, the south of Dalarna alongside Dalälven. The party place hold space for about 30 persons. There is an outdoor stage with tables and benches - how about watching demos on a projection screen and barbequeing at the same time?
Time table (approx.)
   Thursday 25/6   
   21:00   Remote entries deadline
   Friday 26/6   
   12:00   Sommarhack opens
   20:00   Barbeque
   Saturday 27/6   
   14:00   Lunch order
   20:00   Barbeque
   21:00   Compo deadlines
   22:00   Compos
   Sunday 28/6   
   15:00   Sommarhack closes


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