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The party place is limited in size and we have a maximum of 24 tickets with seating space for a desktop computer and about a dozen more without dedicated space.

There's plenty of extra chairs and most likely you'll find table space to rig your laptop even if you buy the ticket without dedicated space.
Ticket with dedicated table seat: 20 EUR / 200 SEK
Ticket without dedicated table seat: 15 EUR / 150 SEK


  Registred tickets
1  se Demozoo profileAcca   Table ticket
2  se Demozoo profileExcellence in Art / SMFX   Table ticket
3  se Demozoo profileET / DHS   Table ticket
4  se Demozoo profileDafvid / DHS   Table ticket
5  se Demozoo profileSlort / DHS   Table ticket
6  se Demozoo profileEvil / DHS   Table ticket
7  se Demozoo profileAnders / New Beat   Table ticket
8  se Demozoo profileDaniel / New Beat   Table ticket
9  nl Demozoo profilespkr / SMFX^Genesis Project   Table ticket
10  gr Demozoo profileGGN / KŁA^D-Bug   Table ticket
11  no Demozoo profileNerve / Ephidrena^Flex   Table ticket
12  de Demozoo profilemOdmate / SMFX   Table ticket
13  uk Demozoo profileTat / Avena   Non-table ticket
14  se Demozoo profileCrazy Q / DHS^Titan   Table ticket
15  se Demozoo profileBikerdude   Table ticket
16  se Demozoo profileDeez / Evolution   Table ticket
17  se Demozoo profileZorro / Ghost^Phalanx   Table ticket
18  se Demozoo profileInstream / Nature   Table ticket
19  se Demozoo profileHencox / Nature   Table ticket
20  fi Demozoo profileBritelite / Dekadence^RNO^Jumalauta   Table ticket
21  fi Demozoo profileRicky Martin / Dekadence^Jumalauta   Table ticket
22  fi Demozoo profileWiztom / Aggression   Table ticket
23  de Demozoo profileNo / Escape   Non-table ticket
24  de Demozoo profile505 / SMFX^Paradox   Table ticket
25  uk Demozoo profilegwEm / Psycho Hacking Force   Non-table ticket
26  uk Demozoo profileGrazey / Psycho Hacking Force^D-Bug^Automation   Table ticket
27  no Demozoo profileFrequent / Ephidrena   Non-table ticket
28  fi Demozoo profileEmphii / Extream   Table ticket
29  uk Demozoo profileTom / Genesis Project^Effect   Non-table ticket
30  sg Demozoo profileLoke / DHS   Non-table ticket
31  pl Demozoo profileSqward / Mystic Bytes   Non-table ticket
32  de Demozoo profiletIn / Newline^FAN   Non-table ticket
33  se Demozoo profilePeP   Non-table ticket
34  se Demozoo profile Il Profesore / Istari   Non-table ticket
35  seUbe   Non-table ticket
36  se Demozoo profileGreenious / 2-Life Crew   Non-table ticket

  Ticket with table seating (24)
  Ticket without table seating (12)

0 tickets left with table space
0 tickets left without table space