Welcome to Sommarhack 2022!
Ok, we're trying again. After having to cancel Sommarhack two years in a row, and substituting with a lesser online version, it's time to get things back on track.

All tickets from the cancelled 2021 event are valid for 2022. In case you'd like a refund and return your ticket, please contact us.

We're doing a "real" Sommarhack in 2022, that means the stream will be very limited compared to the covid years when we had a full nights worth of programme.

Sommarhack is located pretty much off-grid and we're relying on a 4G connection for internet. Despite all that we're going to try and stream the compos on Saturday night via Twitch.

Twitch URL: https://www.twitch.tv/evldhs

News updates
June 5, 2022
We released a reminder intro for Sommarhack remote compos at last weekends Outline party in The Netherlands.
Check it out

December 12, 2021
Lamers released a Jaguar invitation intro for Sommarhack 2022, thanks a lot guys!
Check it out

October 3, 2021
Sommarhack 2022 webpage opened, welcome!

August 21, 2021
A brief invitation for Sommarhack 2022 was released at Silly Venture by DHS and SMFX. It's an Atari STe intro made in about a week.

Check it out

  Preliminary time table (CEST)
Friday July 8
14:00 Sommarhack opens
17:00 Analogue graphics compo start. Special rules to be announced at the party.
20:30 Llamatron game compo
23:00 Deadline Analouge graphics compo

Saturday July 9
12:00 Tipspromenad. Combined Atari-quiz & walk.
Tip! Read up on the Atariscene 2021.
15:00 Deadline for the tipspromenad
16:00 Deadline for all remaining compos
19:00 XiA & Acca serves traditional Swedish delicacies
21:00 Competitions!
~23:00 Crazy Q DJ-set outdoors while awaiting results

Sunday July 10
~00:00 Competition results
14:00 Sommarhack closes


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