JULY 5 - 7

  Game competition
We've digged deep in our disk boxes for another classic ST game to compete at. This year the task falls on Buggy Boy!
Atari ST game competition
Buggy Boy
Released in 1985 by Taito in the arcades, Buggy Boy was ported to the Atari ST already in 1987, which makes it one of the real classics. For the time Martin Ward and Jas C Brooke made a decent port, even if a little slow perhaps.

Race your buggy through obstacles, collect points and extra time. We'll be running the "Offroad" track (F1 in the selection).
The controls are easy to learn
  • Accelerate: Joystick forward
  • Brake: Joystick backward
  • Turn: Joystick left/right
  • Hi/low gear shift: Joystick button
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Buggy Boy Atari ST gameplay video

  2019 assignment
Will the Greek God of Gaming humiliate the northeners once again?


It's time to dig out the Buggy, pratice hard and long to finally break the iron spell of ininvincibility GGN have on us.

Come on guys, we can do it!