JULY 8 - 10
  Sommarhack t-shirts
Over the years we've had some requests about printing Sommarhack t-shirts. As we're too small of a party to do a decent run of shirts, we've waved this off as too expensive.
But we're still getting the requests, and as a compromise we present a way to order shirts from Cafepress, who specialize on single unit sales.
The shirts are a bit on the expensive side but Sommarhack will not receive any kickback or payment from Cafepress (eg, we're not adding anything to the price). The price starts at 20.5 euros for white/light shirts.
The shirts
The shirts come in three variations:
  • White
  • Nine selectable dark colours including black
  • Three selectable light colours
Here are direct links to the Cafepress UK store for each item:
» White Sommarhack 2016
» Light colours Sommarhack 2016
» Dark colours Sommarhack 2016

From previous experience, the printing and shipping times can vary from a week two a few weeks. If you want your shirt in time for the party, it's a good idea to order well in advance.
Shirt front
Light colour t-shirt