JULY 8 - 10
  Game competitions
Like the two past years, we'll hold gaming competitions of classic Atari 8- and 16-bit games. The 16-bit game is a little bit more modern this time around, will that turn the results around?
Atari STe game competition
OBSESSION, a pinball game, brewed from the Atari demoscene and was released quite late in the STe lifespan.
The game consists of four tables, and the competition is for the Aquatic Adventure board. It's one of the more known tables as it was released on magazine cover disks for free.
»  Download Obsession for harddrive use
»  Download Obsession for floppy drive use
»  A photo of the manual of Obsessions Aquatic Adventure table
»  Download the Hatari Atari STe emulator for your platform of choice
»  Download the Atari operating system to use with Hatari
»  A Youtube guide to setup the emulator to play Obsession

Aquatic Adventure gameplay

Full board image:
Aquatic board
  GGN Reboot/KŁA has won every game compo held at Sommarhack so far. That includes Crackman, Super Cobra, River Raid and Joust. GGN admitted he's not very good at neither Obsession or Dropzone, so there is hope!
Atari XL/XE game competition
DROPZONE, a classic by Archer Maclean, released in 1984 on the Atari XL. It's Macleans first released title and received good critics back in the day.
Shortly put, a smooth shooter using the Atair XL hardware nicely.
»  Download Dropzone (xex)
»  Get an Atari XL/XE emulator for OS X
»  Get an Atari XL/XE emulator for Windows
»  Download Atari 8-bit OS-ROMSs for the emulators

Dropzone XL/XE gameplay