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Game competitions

Atari ST game - Crapman!

Arguable the best Pacman ever on Atari ST. Great soundtrack, graphics and gameplay. Made by the legendary democrew Synergy back in 1993.

Gameplay video from Youtube, not the best quality, but it's what we found.

Gameplay tips
  • well it's Pacman! Eat the yellow pills, fruits and ghosts when they turn blue after eating a big pill
  • plays with both keyboard and joystick
Not much more to tell really. The game works on Atari ST and Atari STe with 1 MB memory or more. It works fine in emulators such as Steem on Windows and Hatari for other OS'es.

» Download harddrive version
» Download floppy image version

Atari XL/XE game - Super Cobra!

Super Cobra is a sidescrolling shooter, originally an arcade game from 1981, ported over to Atari XL in 1983.

Quite a good port too, smooth scrolling, crisp graphics. See gameplay from the Youtube video:

Some tips by last years champion GGN
  • make sure you take advantage of the fact that the chopper can also go right and left, especially on the later levels
  • shoot fuel tanks frequently
  • learn to time the bombs to hit ground targets you like
  • unlike the arcade, the tanks don't shoot at you

The game works on Atari XL/XE as well as emulators.
Working emulators are Altirra on Windows, Atari 800 on Linux and Atari800MacX on OS X. Start a one player game with F4 on Atari800MacX and F2 in Altirra.

» Super Cobra (v3) XEX for Atari XL/XE