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We have competitions for Atari demo/intro, graphics and music. We gladly accept remote entries. Anything that can be shown/played on the Atari XL/ST/STe/Falcon is fine. Stuff for other Atari platforms will be shown as a video rather than from real hardware. Full specifications / hardware demands of the demo, intro, graphics and music will be shown before it's shown/played.

We're also doing a follow up on last years game competitions.


Send in contributions to:


For deadline info, check the timetable.

Competition machines

Atari 800 XL
  • OS B / OS XL
  • Stereo Pokey (dual chips)
  • 1 MB RAM (Ultimate)
  • SD-card reader (no floppy, no tape!)
Atari STe
  • TOS 1.62
  • 4 MB ST-RAM
  • Harddrive (UltraSatan or CosmosEx)
Atari Falcon 030
  • TOS 4.04
  • 14 MB ST-RAM
  • 68882 FPU
Atari Falcon 060
  • CT60-TOS 1.03c
  • 14 MB ST-RAM
  • 256 MB TT-RAM
  • 68060/66 with FPU

Combined demo/intro

Anything that runs on an Atari is alright. If we have the hardware, it will be shown on the real machine. Otherwise, please provide a recording of the entry.

As this is a combined demo and intro competition, detailed hardware requirements as well as size will be shown before the entry is run.

No limit on number of entries.

Graphics competition

Native Atari formats such as PI1, PC1, NEO, SPU, SPC will be shown on real hardware with the actual painting program.

GIF or Targa files be will displayed on the Falcon with APEX viewer. Max 768x480 resolution (or APEX viewer will downscale to 768*480).

Custom formats can be sent in as an executable, please send a screenshot along the executable.

Several entries allowed.

Music competition

Any type of music playable on an Atari machine. If possible, please send a tracker-loadable version of the music as we aim to play it in the used tracker.

Custom formats allowed, please send an executable and a recording of the song.

Streaming music allowed as well, either send an executable for any of the supported machines or send as MP3, it will be played on a Falcon with Aniplayer (using a 44100 Hz DSP clock).

Several entries allowed.