Sommarhack 2015
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Sommarhack 2015

The seventh installment of the only living Atari party in Sweden is around the corner.

As per usual, we plan to hold smaller competitions for Atari music, graphics and demo/intro.

We'll repeat last years success with a couple of vintage Atari ST/XL game competitions as well. The games in question will be selected closer to the party.

Preliminary time table

Friday 14:00 Party opens
Friday 20:00 Game competition 1
Saturday 16:00 Game competition 2
Saturday 17:00 Deadline: Demo/music/graphic competitions
Saturday 21:00 Competitions
Saturday 22:30 Competition results
Sunday 14:00 Party closes


July 3 to July 5
We open at 14.00 and close at the same time, 48 hours later.

Contacting us


Dates are set for 2016: July 8 - 10.

The party is over and we're all back at home (hopefully). We'd like to thank everyone that visited our party or sent in remote entries to the competitions, you all rule!

We hope to be back in 2016 again, keep an eye here from time to time for an update.

We wish you a great summer!

The game competitions are now official! Start training, you'll need it because GGN is visiting us again!

Tickets are almost sold out, hurry up to register!

Webpage online, welcome! :)

Weather forecast

The last forecast update, and it looks good!