Sommarhack takes place in a small facility. We have space for about twenty people with computers. It seems to be a good fit, we've been around that number of people each year so far.
Sold out!
We are sold out and then some. We hope to be able to squeeze everyone in. Sorry if you planned to book tickets, but we simply have no more table space.
If you plan to visit but don't need a computer place, please contact us!
People likely to show up
1 Excellence in Art Ticket
2 Acca Ticket
3 Evil / Dead Hackers Society Ticket
4 ET / Dead Hackers Society Ticket
5 Dafvid / Dead Hackers Society Ticket
6 Baggio / Evolution Ticket
7 Martin Saks Ticket
8 ggn / KüA Ticket
9 Deez / Evolution Ticket
10 Ajje / IMPonance Ticket
11 Wietze / SPKR Ticket
12 FredL2 Ticket
13 Wiztom / Aggression Ticket
14 David Gálvez Ticket
15 Partycle / Reservoir Gods Ticket
16 Hencox / Nature Ticket
17 Instream / Nature Ticket
18 Thomas / New Beat Ticket
19 Zorro / Ghost Ticket
20 Slort / Dead Hackers Society Ticket
21 Timbral / Dead Hackers Society Ticket
22 Ham / IMPonance Ticket
23 Freeco / New Beat Ticket
24 Daniel / New Beat Ticket