Game competitions

Atari ST game
The ST game competition will be at friday (see timetable).
The Atari ST Joust arcade conversion is surprisingly good considering it's one of the very first game titles released for the system. It's also one of the few ST games that never made it to the Amiga.

The aim, of course is to get the highest score possible! Much glory and fame awaits the winner.
You have a few days to practice before the party. Below are download links that will work in emulators as well as on real hardware.
»  Download Joust (floppy)
»  Download Joust (harddrive)

Game tips
  • Plays well on emulators such as Steem and Hatari
  • Attack enemies from the top and steal their egg
  • Flap wings with fire button

Atari XL/XE game
The XL/XE game competition will be at saturday (see timetable).
River Raid
An old classic shooter for the 8-bit Atari. Navigate your plane over a river and shoot down other planes, tanks, bridges, ships and so forth.

The aim, again, is to score as high as possible.
If you didn't play this back in the 80's, it's time to practice a bit ahead of Sommarhack!
»  Download River Raid (xex)

Game tips
  • Plays well on emulators such as Altirra and Atari 800
  • Switch Game (difficulty level) with Select (F3 in Altirra/Atari800). Odd numbers are single player games. At the competition we will be playing Game 1. Press Start to start (F2 in Altirra, F4 in Atari800).