Useful information

Food and drinks
  • You need to bring food and drinks yourself. This includes breakfast. We tried to have breakfast 'inclusive' before, but it's just not doable for such a small party and low entrance fee.

  • Coffe and tea is provided free of charge.

  • Baggio of Evolution will give every visitor a free beer from the award winning local brewery Oppigårds. Hooray for Baggio!

  • The party features a complete kitchen where you can cook your own food. All we require is that you clean up after yourself. There are also refridgerators where you can store your food.

  • The party features a barbecue which will be used quite a lot during the time. Bring your own sausages, burgers, steaks or whatever you like to barbecue.

  • Take-away food is only reachable via car. We might do some sort of collective pizza/fastfood-delivery, we'll see.

Misc infos
  • Make sure to bring power extensions! We won't have outlets for everyone.

  • Bring a tent and sleeping gear if you havn't booked Bed & Breakfast or hotel/hostel. Sleeping inside the house is not recomended. Short on space and usually too hot and noisy.

  • There will probably be limited internet over WiFi and ethernet available, but don't depend on it! Please bring your own mobile network connection if possible. Also bring TP-cables and switches in case you hook up to the party net connection.

  • The party house has a shower that you can use and of course a bunch of toilets. Please keep the shower and toilets fresh and clean!