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Sommarhack 2011 dates

It didn't take long to decide if we should do another run of Sommarhack. So we've already booked the same place as last time, at the same weekend.
These are the dates for 2011: July 1-3

Sommarhack 2010 is over

Thanks to everyone that showed up or sent in remote contributions for the compos.
We had a great time and hope to do this again next year.
You can find the compo entries and other stuff from the party for download at the Dead hacekrs Society download page.

Compos live!

Ok, we have the slowest connection on earth, but we'll try to give you a very very low quality stream.
Stream is here!

Weather forecast

By the looks of weather forecast, it seems like this years run of Sommarhack will be even hotter than last time - we didn't think that was even possible!
Click the forecast picture below for the latest update at
Weather forecast


We've been informed that there will be major electricity work going on during saturday which will will affect the entire village (including industries). The power will be cut at 15.00 saturday, and continue for three to five hours.
The power cut won't interfere with any compos or so, but we understand if you wish to rethink going to Sommarhack, and in case you deicde to change your mind, we'll refund your tickets.
If you have a laptop you can probably get along for the most part of the power cut. We'll try to arrange some outdoors activity to distract from the comptuer-less-abstinence that we might suffer from!

Sommarhack 2010

July 2 - 4
Sommarhack will be back in the summer of 2010. As with last year it will be held at Malmgården alongside Dalälven in Grådö, Dalarna, Sweden.
The party started out in 2009 as a small Atari-centric meeting. We plan to do very few changes to last year, as we felt it worked out pretty good.
Once again you can enjoy the countryside of beautiful Dalarna while using your favourite computers.
The house is big enough for about twentyfive computer places and a bunch more without. If you bring kids, there is a big grass area surrounding the house where they can play around if weather allows.
You are very welcome to visit Sommarhack!
Update log
      2010-06-26: Weather forecats from now available
      2010-06-15: Organising to-do page added
      2010-05-06: Invitation for Sommarhack 2010 added (Atari STe)
      2010-01-25: Photos from Sommarhack 2009 added
      2010-01-24: Travel page added
      2010-01-23: Accomodation page added
      2009-12-12: Page opened
Preliminary time table
Thursday, July 1
      21:00 - Deadline for remote compo entries

Friday, July 2
      12:00 - The party opens
      18:00 - Barbeque

Saturday, July 3
      13:00 - Takeaway food order
      15:00 - Scheduled power cut (see notice beside)
      18:00 - Barbeque
      21:00 - Compo deadlines
      22:00 - Compos begin
      23.30 - Prize ceremony

Sunday, July 4
      15.00 - Party place closes

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