Sommarhack 2011

July 1 - 3, 2011
Sommarhack is a small Atari-centric demo party with a very relaxed atmosphere. The party takes place in Grådö alongside the river Dalälven in Dalarna, Sweden.
This will be the third time Sommarhack is being held, and we plan to keep it more or less the same as before; a compo at saturday night, barbecue and generally having a good time.
Preliminary time table
Thursday, June 30
22:00  Remote compo entries deadline

Friday, July 1
12:00  The party house opens
19:00  Barbeque

Saturday, July 2
18:00  Compo deadlines
19:00  Barbeque
22:00  Compos
23:30  Compo results

Sunday, July 3
14:00  The party closes


Sommarhack 2012 (2011-07-18)
We've booked the place for next year, these are the dates:
June 29 to July 1.

See you there!
Party over (2011-07-03)
Ok, the party is over, and once again the weather gods were with us and spoiled us with no rain. Thanks to everyone who joined, we will most likely be back next year again.
You can find releases from the compos at our download page.
Contact (2011-07-01)
Ok, we're off to the party. Hopefully we'll be online sometime during the day, but before then the only way to reach us is by phone: +46-xxxxxxxxx.
Weather forecast (2011-07-01) now have weather forecast for the entire Sommarhack weekend, as for today the forecast is:

Friday: 27 degrees, no rain
Saturday: 23 degrees, no rain
Sunday: 19 degrees, no rain
SOLD OUT! (2011-06-27)
We are officially out of space. If you received an invite on Facebook from a "Kalle Karlsson", ignore it, it's not an official Sommarhack invitation.
At the party (2011-06-20)
We've compiled some information what to expect to find at the party place, and what to bring yourself.
Very short on tickets now (2011-06-18)
Ok, we only have a couple of places left, if you want to go, book now or it will be too late.
Tickets (2011-05-17)
Tickets are starting to run out. As of today we have a maximum of ten more tickets to go until we're fully booked.
If you wish to attend, now is a good time to get a ticket
Atari ST invite (2011-03-05)
We have released an invite intro for Atari ST, grab it here
Website opened (2011-02-20)
Sommarhack 2011 is official, and we are happy to accept bookings