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Going by car - Google travel guides
By ferry
If you are coming from Turku, Helsinki, Mariehamn, Riga or Tallin there are ferries going to central Stockholm, where you can catch a train to Sommarhack, see train descriptions beside here.
  • Silja Line going from Turku, Mariehamn, Tallin, Riga and Helsinki.
  • Viking Line going from Turku, Mariehamn and Helsinki.
  • Polferries going from Gdansk, arriving in Nynäshamn, about an hour south of Stockholm.
Going by train
It's easy to get to Sommarhack via train, there are direct connections (no train changes needed) from these departures.
  • Stockholm central, ~2h
  • Arlanda, ~1h40m
  • Uppsala, ~1.5h
  • Sala, ~50m
  • Avesta, ~15m
  • Säter, ~15m
  • Borlänge, ~30m
  • Leksand, ~50m
  • Mora, ~1h
Book your ticket at and select Hedemora as destination. If you need a ride from the station to Sommarhack, please inform us in advance at which time you are arriving in Hedemora and when you are leaving.
By air
  • If you are flying inside Sweden, the closest airport is Dala Airport in Borlänge. We'll pick you up there if necessary, please inform us in advance at which time you are arriving and leaving.
  • If you are coming from outside Sweden, the easiest airport to fly to is Arlanda outside of Stockholm. Most regular air traffic companies have flights to Arlanda. There are direct trains going from Arlanda to Sommarhack, see train descriptions above.
  • For low price companies - Ryanair in particular, they are flying to Skavsta Stockholm, which is about one hour away from Stockholm by bus, and then there are direct trains to Sommarhack from Stockholm central. See train descriptions above.
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