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Sommarhack party place

  • Space for about 25 people with computers, and a few more without
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Toilets
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • A small sleeping room, look at other accomodation possibilites
  • Big grass surroundings, if you bring kids it's perfect for playing
  • Outdoor tables for barbeques

Food and beverages

There will be coffee and tea for free at the party as well as ketchup and mustad for the barbeque. But you need to bring the rest yourself (eg, beer, food, breakfast..).
If needed we can drive you to the supermarket for shopping.
We will fire up the grill at least once a day and also arrange take away food delivery on saturday.


Some photos from the party house and surroundings during Sommarhack 2009.
Malmgården a
Et/DHS, Gizmo/DHS, Excellence in Wife, Baggio/Evolution, Wiztom/Aggression, Thomas/New Beat, Partycle/Reservoir Gods and Deez/Evolution inside the party house.
Photo by Nerve.

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