For new visitors to Sommarhack, here are some basics about what you can and can't expect at the party place.
Food and drinks
  • Coffe and tea is free of charge, the tapwater is of good quality and fine to drink, bring other beverages yourself.

  • The party place is equipped with a complete kitchen if you wish to cook food, we only ask that you clean up when done.

  • There are refridgerators where you can store your food and drinks.

  • We usually fire up the barbecue two times per day, bring sausages, hamburgers, steaks or whatever you like to barbecue!

  • Supermarkets, take-away food or restaurants are available in Hedemora, 6.6 km (9 min) away
  • Don't forget to bring power extensions, Sweden uses standard Europlug 240 V (Type C).

  • In case you havn't booked hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast or arranged other type of housing, we recommend bringing a tent. There is no sleeping area in the party house.

  • There is a shower in the party house in case you sleep in a tent.

  • The party offers WiFi and ethernet internet connections. We're limited to a 4G cellular connection, so be aware that it's no good for video streaming and sometimes working a bit shitty. Best to bring your own cell connection if you need reliable net connection.