Atari competitions
This year we have a total of five competitions: Demos that work on our compo hardware will be run live on the machines while other Atari platforms will need a video recording to be submitted as well.
We will display full specifications of the hardware requirements as well as file size/resolution before it's shown.

Remote entries
You can send us remote entries via e-mail (use a suitable subject so we don't miss it by mistake). Please tell us in your mail which machine and compo the production is aimed for. Don't forget to make a video available if the production is for a system we don't have at hand.
Send entries to:
Thanks in advance for your participation!

For the most recent timetable with deadlines, please refer to the main page.

Compo hardware
These are the machines we will provide for the competitions; if your contribution is for another Atari machine, please submit a recording that we can play.
Atari ST/STe
  • Atari STe machine
  • TOS v1.62 (or if you require, 2.06)
  • 4MB ST-RAM
  • 8 MHz 68000
  • Floppydisk (Gotek HxC)
  • UltraSatan/CosmoSEX SD harddrive (HDdriver)
Atari Falcon 030
  • TOS v4.04
  • 14 MB ST-RAM
  • 68030/68882 at 16 MHz
  • SSD IDE harddrive (HDdriver)
  • VGA or RGB
Atari Falcon 060
  • CT60-TOS v1.05
  • 14 MB ST-RAM
  • 256 MB TT-RAM
  • 68060 with FPU at 66 MHz
  • SSD IDE harddrive (HDdriver)
  • VGA or RGB


Some people have been asking for a 256-byte intro compo, and while we didn't imediately agreed to it, we have now received enough entries to make a separate compo!
  • Any Atari machine, specifications will be disclosed
  • For TOS machines, 256 bytes plus 32 bytes header
    If you want to show off, keep it under 256 bytes with header!
  • Several entries per person or crew is allowed
The intros will be run on our compo machines (see left column). If your entry is for another Atari system, please provide a video along the executable!


THEMED COMPO #01 - Medres demo

This years 520 ST competition has only one limitation: Must run entierly in medium resolution.

  • The entire demo must work in medium resolution
  • Must work on 512k RAM
  • Must work on Atari ST
  • Several entries per person or crew is allowed
The demos will be run on an STe machine with TOS 1.62 but will be verified to work on plain 520 ST.

THEMED COMPO #2 - Medres photo

We did a high-res monochrome photo compo last year. This time we're following the 520 ST compo by doing a medres photo compo.

  • 640*200 pixels (the ST doubles the scanline height)
  • Four colours with ST palette (512 colours, 9-bit colourspace)
  • Deliver in PI2/PC2 format (or if all fails, a gif will work too, we'll convert it to pi2)
  • More than one entry per person is allowed
The photos will be shown in Degas Elite on an Atari STe.

Update June 14, 2020:
Two guides of how to convert a photo to STMED PI2.
Check them out!


REGULAR COMPO #01 - Combined demo/intro

This is a combined competition and we will make sure that all hardware specifications as well as size of the demo is shown before it runs. You can enter any kind of Atari demo here, no limits!
  • Any Atari platform allowed, if your demo or intro is for an Atari platform not available at the party, please supply a video along with the native executable
  • Filesize, system and memory demands are open, but will be disclosed in detail before and after the entry is shown
  • Several entries per person or crew is allowed

REGULAR COMPO #02 - Combined graphics

We allow any kind of Atari graphics, if it is for an unsupported Atari platform, please provide a PNG image along with the native format.
  • We aim to display pictures in the native editor such as Degas Elite, EscPaint or Neochrome.
  • Custom formats are allowed and welcome, you need to provide an executable.
  • GIF, TARGA and JPEG images will be displayed on a Falcon with APEX viewer.
  • More than one entry allowed.

REGULAR COMPO #03 - Combined music

As with the graphics competition, we allow any format that is playable on an Atari. If the music is for some Atari machine that we don't have at the party, please send a recording along with the native version of the music.
  • We try to play the music in the used editor; if possible please supply a tracker loadable file.
  • Custom formats are allowed and encouraged. You need to provide an executable.
  • WAV, MP2, MP3, OGG music will be played on a Falcon with AniPlayer.
  • More than one entry allowed.