JULY 7 - 9

  Sommarhack apparel
Over the years we've had some requests about printing Sommarhack shirts. As we're too small of a party to do a decent run of shirts, we've waved this off as too expensive.
But we're still getting the requests, and as a compromise we present a way to order shirts from Cafepress, who specialize on single unit sales.
The shirts are a bit on the expensive side but Sommarhack will not receive any kickback or payment from Cafepress (eg, we're not adding anything to the price).
Quite often (always?) Cafepress have a 20% discount code that is printed on top of the website, don't forget to add this when checking out!
The shirts
The shirts come in five base configurations:
  • T-shirt: Dark colours (nine selectable colours)
  • T-shirt: White
  • T-shirt: Light colours (three selectable colours)
  • Hoodie: Dark colours (two selectable colours)
  • Hoodie: Light colour with zip
Here are direct links to the Cafepress UK store for each item:
» Dark colours t-shirt
» White t-shirt
» Light colours t-shirt
» Dark colours hoodie
» Light colour hoodie with zip

From previous experience, the printing and shipping times can vary from a week to a few weeks. If you want your shirt in time for the party, it's a good idea to order well in advance.
White t-shirt
White t-shirt
Black hoodie
Black hoodie