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Organisers TODO

Stuff to do

    + Make votesheets for compos
    + Make Keynote template for big screen infos and compo presentations
    + Make playlist for videos to run
    - Make playlist for music to run

Stuff to bring

    + Projector
    + Atari STe with Ultrasatan and monitor
    + Atari Falcon 030/060 with monitor and VGA/RGB adapters
    + Laptop for bigscreen informations with DP->VGA adapter!
    + VGA switch with cabling for at least two machines
    + Composite switch with cabling for STe and double screens
    + Switch with at least 8 ports
    + AccessPoint
    + Linux server for Internet gateway, two netcards, and 3G modem for backup
    + At least six audio mixer connectors (6.3mm mono to phono)
    + Audio cables (3.5mm -> phono, 3.5mm -> 3.5mm, phono -> phono etc)
    + Extension coords
    + Extra power cables
    + Floppydisks
    + USB floppydrive and USB SD-reader
    + Kensington wires
    + Tools (screwdrivers etc)

    - Hand soap for toilets
    - Toilet paper
    - Garbage bags
    + Barbeque baby-wagon
    + 20 KG Coal
    - Matches and tändvätska for barbeque
    + Pens, paper, logos, häftstift, tape

    + VGA monitor for David Gálvez
    + JTAG for Knezzen

Train shuttle

From the trainstation:
    Thursday, 13:35 : David Gálvez
    Thursday, 21:35 : Bittin
    Friday, 13:35 : Blind-Io
    Friday, 15:35 : Partycle

To the trainstation (departure time, should leave från Grådö ~30 min earlier):
    Sunday, 14:26 : David Gálvez, Bittin, Partycle, Blind-Io