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Sommarhack 2013

The only surviving Atari demo party in Sweden is back for the fifth time.

We are doing no bigger adjustments to the party compared to previous years, heck even the webpage is taken almost right off from last year. Yeah we are lazy.

Quick infos

June 27 to June 30, 2013

Malmgården, Grådö, Hedemora, Dalarna, Sweden

Preliminary time table

Thursday, June 27
You can arrive at afternoon, we'll still be working on getting things up and running. But closer to evening everything is hopefully where it should be.

Friday, June 28
Nothing planned yet, except for regular barbecues.

Saturday, June 29
17:00 : Deadline for all compos!
22:00 : Compos and voting results

Sunday, June 30
14:00 : The party ends, all stuff will have to be out of the house by this time so we can clean it up. You can still chill out outside for the remainder of the day. The house will likely be locked up around 16:00.


June 26, 2013:
Weather forecasts are now available from

May 11, 2013:
Atari ST invitation released!
March 31, 2013:
Web page opened!