JULY 9 - 11

  Sommarhack goes online, again.
The Covid-situation is getting worse and not better. Vaccinations are going slower than expected. We have little choice but to cancel the physical Sommarhack for the second year in a row.

All tickets from the cancelled 2021 event are valid for 2022. In case you'd like a refund and return your ticket, please contact us.

News updates
July 11, 2021
Sommarhack 2021 is over!
The organizers would like to thank everyone who sent in entries to the competitions and those who helped us out with content; Crazy Q, Il Profesore, gwEm and Grazey. You are awesome guys!

You will find all releases at Demozoo eventually, it's filling up bit by bit.

Thanks for 2021, and hopefully 2022 will be back to the traditional Sommarhack where we meet in person.

June 30, 2021
Troed of Sync announced that he'll sponsor a mouSTer adapter for Sommarhack 2021! Many thanks to Troed!

The mouSTer will be sent to the winner of the 256-byte intro competition.

June 15, 2021
Despite being an online edition without a budget for prizes, Ultra of Cream stepped up and offered to sponsor his new hardware devices ultraDev and ultraTOS.

These new devices bring new life to your ST for development and rapid testing with different TOS-versions. The demo compo winners will be receiving a set of the ultraDev and ultraTOS.

Check out the ultraDev
Check out the ultraTOS

We'd like to thank Ultra a lot for offering to sponsor Sommarhack!

ultraDev and ultraTOS

March 28, 2021
We've decided to cancel Sommarhack in it's physical shape due to obvious reasons. Instead we'll try to make a streaming event with Atari content for the evening of July 10. See the time table for up-to-date information.

October 17, 2020
The Sommarhack page is opened, welcome!

Contacting us
  Preliminary time table (CEST)
Friday July 9
16:00 Deadline for all compos

22:00 Stream warmup with some Atari zik

22:30 Atari demoshow: Viewer requests

Saturday July 10
15:00 Stream warmup with some Atari zik

16:00 Themed Atari demoshow

17:15 Presentation of Merlin
New Atari hardware developed by Istari and Unit 17

18:30 Gaming with New Beat
Daniel and Anders tries a new Atari puzzle game called Bars created by YesCREW

19:00 Documentary
A day in Crazy Q's life

19:30 Atari Zik Quiz
Can you master the Atari ST chipmusic quiz by Grazey & Evil?
» Quiz form here

20:00 Crazy Q DJ-set

21:00 Competitions

* ST-LOW photo compo
* 256-byte intro compo

----- 15 minute break -----

* Music compo
* Crowd pleaser demo compo

----- 15 minute break -----

* Graphics compo
* Main demo compo

23:20 Seminar
gwEm introduces the next evolution of maxYMiser

Sunday July 11
00:30 Competition results